Journey Of Faith: Europe 2017


For those who do not know, right now I am studying in Saint-Petersburg State University. I’m in the final exams period which will finish at the end of May.

In my documents, it was written that the semester ended on the 30th of June. Fortunately, we finish one month earlier.

Now lets talk about my journey.
At first, I did not plan to visit the rest of Europe. I was looking forward to go back home.
Then, I realized that I could use this free time to be the Light that God wants me to be on this earth.

That is why I decided to show my faith unto God by doing minimal planning for my journey. I will not reserve expensive hotels to guarantee my comfort.

This pilgrimage will force me to put my faith into work and give me the chance to share the Word of God.

In Hebrews 11:1, we can read:

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

The Holy Bible also says that if we ask, we shall receive. (Matthew 7:7)

I know that my heavenly Father will bring the people and the resources that I need to be victorious throughout this month.

God wants his Word to be spread and this journey is one way to accomplish that.


Now, I have to announce that God has already started to provide the blessings I need for this journey.
I met a Swiss lady named Suzanne who invited me to stay at her place during my pilgrimage.

In the future, I will post more articles to share how God blessed me throughout my journey in Europe. I hope it will inspire you and give you the courage to always stay loyal to Jesus-Christ.

Alleluia !



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