Blessed With God-sent Helpers

God can use anybody to help his children.


Recently, a guy named Alexei moved into my flat. Actually, he is an IT expert, a musician and an experienced traveller.

At first, he was like any other flatmate, but I soon realize that God used him to help me.

I shared with him, my intention to do a pilgrimage in the month of June 2017. He was instantly happy for me and told me that it was a very good thing to do.

If you are not aware of this plan, just click here: Journey of Faith

He quickly shared useful apps that helped me prepare my journey in Europe.

  1. Trello – an app where I can organize all I have to do during my journey.
  2. Rome2Rio – an app where I can make a precise itinerary of my route and save it.
  3. Google Keep – an app where I can take quick notes and link them to my agenda.

Alex changed my itinerary, making it less time consuming, and allowing more time for preaching and visiting.

He also told me that as a man of God it was good for me to do this journey since it will challenge my faith and will require a lot of courage.

This help may seem trivial for some people but I am grateful for the smallest blessings of God.

Moreover, I realized that I should give to every people reading this blog the opportunity to contribute to this journey of faith.

In fact, I am leaving St-Petersburg on the 30th of May, heading to Helsinki.

Once in Finland, I will have to buy a youth train pass to use throughout Europe for one month. The pass costs  305.

This is just one example of the kind of things I will have to pay.
You can contribute for the pass or/and for the general expenses.

Remember that every amount is a blessing.

To send me your help, you only have to enter my email address into PayPal.
Email address :
Follow this link to proceed : PayPal Transfer

Help the man of God, and the Most-High shall give you a reward. (Matthew 10:41)









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