And The Light Shineth !


The Lord is such a great Father that he takes care of his children in the smallest details.

Following the good advice of Alexeï (envoy of God to help me), I will share with you an easier way for you to support my Journey of Faith.

In my article “Blessed with God-sent helpers“, I shared with you a PayPal link where you had to go through many steps in order to make the transfert.


This time, I share again a PayPal link, but it is directly connected to my account. It’s a lot shorter and simpler. It is called PayPal.Me

Here’s the link : PayPal.Me/prophetoliverroy

You can change the amount by clicking on it. Remember that every amount counts.

I thank you in advance, for your help, that I receive as a blessing from God.


I wish you to get deeper in the Word of God (Holy Bible) to be able to please the Most-High in everything you do.


Thank you Jesus !


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