Victorious In Helsinki


I arrived to Helsinki by train and started to walk in the city center.

I was a bit hungry so I decided to go in restaurants and share what I am and what I do as a prophet and apostle.

Some people refused to help me because they were not the owners.
However, God made a way for me in the Nepalese restaurant called “Mount Everest”.

I share who I was and I finally received this interesting food.


Actually, it is a naan bread with a special sauce containing mixed vegetables with yogourt.

It was very refreshing and tasty.
The bread with the cup reminded me of the blood and flesh of Jesus-Christ which is symbolically eaten during communion.


After leaving the place, it was 6 pm and I had to find a hotel for the night.

I went to the first hotel I saw but it was full.

Then, God told me to go in this random shop selling cheap items.
I entered and met an employee and a client speaking in French together,which is my mother tongue.

I was very surprised about this situation and I started to talk with them.

Eventually, the client told me that he knew a cheap place to sleep for the night.

He gave me directions telling me it was close to the Viking Line port and left.

I tried for 1 hour to find this hotel but I could not find it. (My internet was broken)
Nevertheless, this time was not lost considering the fact that I announced the Word of God to a young man.

Eventually, I asked a guy on the street if he could help me to find a place.
He said that he could help me and entered in a restaurant.

I entered in this place with a strange feeling.

I said that I was a prophet and apostle of God and that I was doing a pilgrimage.

Many people seemed disturbed and judgemental but there was this one lady who offered me a drink. I took an orange juice.


The guy started to call several hotels of the city, just to realize that every single room were occupied.

The Spirit of God eventually told me to get out of this place and I did it immediatly.
I did not know why but it had to be done fast.

Then, I asked some help to a lady. She offered me a taxi ride back to the city center for free.

Once in the center, I went in a big hotel and asked if they had rooms left.

She said that they had only a suite costing 300 euros per night.

I refused and asked her to help me find a cheaper place.

Eventually, she announced to me that there was this hotel close to the Viking Line port that had ONE room left at a reasonable price.

At that moment, I realize that from the very beginning, God told me to go in this random shop because he knew that my blessing was there.

Of course, this night was painful and exhausting but I can say with great joy that the Eternal God made a way for me because I serve him.

Alleluia !


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