Tallinn Was A Gem


I arrived to Tallinn by boat in the evening.

Then, I went to a low price and cozy hotel I found on internet.

The next day, I had no more clean water and no food. (the water from the sink was not very good)

I started to walk towards the center of the city.
Then, I saw a huge fountain, and don’t ask me why, but God told me to take the water from it to drink.

I did not argue and did it. Not long after, a man doing the maintenance came to me and told me that the water of the fountain was not good. He did not understand a lot of English but he said he could give me pure water.

I accepted and gave him my bottle. Then, he went in this underground room and came back with it.



Then, I asked him if he knew a good and affordable place to have breakfast.

He answered that Tallinn was expensive but that he knew a good cafe across the street behind a school.
I have to mention that without his help, I would not have found this place. It was literally hidden behind the school in a basement.

I had breakfast there and gave thanks to God who guided me.

After this, I decided to visit the city center.

At one moment, I met this kind lady named Ulle.
She was selling flavoured Estonian almonds at her kiosque called “Maias Munk” located on Kiriku põik, 10130 Tallinn, Estonie.


I started to speak with her and shared what I was doing.
Then, she decided to give me a bag of her almonds.


I have to say that they were really good and fulfilling.

I did not stay very long in Tallinn, but the city buildings were interesting and the people were kind and helpful.

Thank you Jesus-Christ !


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