Blessed In Riga


Arriving to Riga, I was received by Agnese, a Latvian woman and her daughter of 5 years old.

I was very happy to meet them. We talked about politics, history and the Word of God.

The next day, the lady blessed me with a breakfast that was not planned in the initial agreement.
The jam was made of quince, which I had never ate before.



I prayed for her entire family and left.


While in the local bus, I started to talk with a Latvian elder speaking Russian. I did not understand everything he said, but I give the glory to God that the man guided me to the bus station. Without his help, it would have been very difficult to find the station since it was hidden behind big buildings.

Later during the day, I was walking in the city center and I met a young Latvian man.
He had an infection in his eyes for the last 3 weeks.

I announce to him that through Jesus-Christ we receive the power to live without sin thus becoming Sons of God.
Then, I layed my hands on his eyes and casted out the infection in the name of Jesus.

I left him knowing that he was healed. I hope he will keep the Word of truth that he received.

Afterwards, I took the bus for Vilnius, Lithuania.


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