Breakthrough In Vilnius

This is the historical flag of Lithuania.

On June 2th, 2017, while being in Riga, I booked a room in Vilnius, Lithuania for the next day.

I was happy until I realized that I had just booked a tent (outside).

At that point, I could not cancel without a penalty, so I decided to let it this way.

Then, I was praying God very intensily to have a warm weather during the night.

Here is a very important lesson I have learned. What I was asking God was not the best thing for me, but the Most-High took care of giving me the best.

So, sometimes we pray for something, but we do not realize that there is a better way.

Later, the host contacted me, saying that there would be a storm in the city and offered me to sleep inside.

I said yes and gave the glory to God for this breakthrough.

In fact, the location was just amazing. The house was very nice and located in a valley with big trees.

I had a great time with the hosts. We talked about many subjects such as veganism, health, politics and the Word of God.

In fact, the room in which I slept was the room of an elder of the family who is in the hospital now. Knowing this, I told them I would address a prayer to the Eternal God so that this person gets the health back with joy.

I know God moves when I ask him something according to his Word, so it is priceless gifts that I am able to give to people.

During the day, I visited the city center. I met a lady named Danuta with her son, Daniel, who are the owners of a fruits/vegetables kiosque. I started to talk with them for curiosity. I wanted to know where they were from and what they did as a living.

Then, they asked me the same and I answered that I am a prophet and apostle of God.
Later, the mother offered me to take a bag of good quality cherries. I was surprised since I did not ask for it, but I think she recognised what I am as a man of God.



I preached to more people during my visit in the city and later took the bus for Warsaw, Poland.



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