Received As A King In Poland

“Wawel”, the castle of Polish kings.

I know I took a little longer before publishing, but I wanted to make a single post on my Polish experience.

I arrived in Warsaw, on the 5th of June in the morning. I went to charge my phone in a McDonald’s. Then, a lady named Isabella came to sit at my table and started to talk with me.

She spoke a little bit Russian and Polish. The communication was therefore difficult but I managed to preach her the gospel of Christ. In fact, she was an atheist. Nevertheless, I continued to speak the Truth because my duty is to announce salvation to everybody regardless of what they believe to be true or not.

Isabella later said that she believed I was God. I tried to teach her that I was not the Creator but she refused to listen.

I offered her to pray for her sore legs, but again she refused. Then, I decided to leave seeing that the Spirit of God could not work with her.

Later, I visited the Old Town of Warsaw and some churches. I did not have as much opportunities to preach to Word of God as I wanted. I realized that most people speak only Polish, especially the elders. English can work sometimes but Russian is pretty useless in Poland.

The next day, I took the bus to go to Krakow. Originally, I was supposed to go to Berlin but the Spirit of God showed me he wanted something different.

I have to say that the way I was received in Krakow was a great blessing.

In fact, the mother of the host was very happy to see me arriving in her home.
She spoke only Polish but it did not prevent her from treating me as well as a king.

Let me explain. When I arrived, I did not have food so she offered me a dinner, which was very tasty. After my meal, I started to wash my dishes but she begged me not to do it. I was surprised but I accepted her request.

Furthermore, she made my laundry, which I do myself normally.
She ironed my clothes several times without asking for it.
She even prepared food at night so I would have something ready in the morning.

This is just an example of the meals she made for me.


It was such a blessing that I barely have words to describe my feelings.
I explained to the mother that I am prophet and apostle of God and that I would pray for her and her family.

She took care of a man that is of high value in the eyes of God.
The Most-High will recognize this action by a reward, I am sure.

I stayed two days and three nights in Krakow and I give the glory to God for the royal treatment I received.

Next destination, Prague !






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