Walking In Narrow Ways In Prague

The 8th of June, I arrived in Prague, Czech Republic.

I was walking towards the flat of my host and I decided to stop for a pizza.

I entered in a place called “Johnny Pizza”. I ordered a big piece of pizza and asked if I could pay with my card.

The man told me he accepted only cash. Surprisingly, he said to me that there was a bank close by, but that I was not forced to go there. Basically, he gave me the pizza for free even though the bank was not far.

I later discovered that this restaurant is well known for it’s great pizzas.

Once arrived at the flat, I took some rest and went for a walk.

Later, the Spirit of God showed me that I had to focus my energy on buying a swimsuit since I will participate in RANEPA Summer Campus this July.

With this in mind, I started to shop in store dedicated to surfing.

After searching in several shops and comparing every options for one and a half day, here’s what I chose.


In fact, in order to understand why I wear this outfit for swimming, you just have to read this article : Nudity and Everyday Life

The top is a rash guard t-shirt that has the double advantage of protecting my skin from the sun and covering my nakedness.

It is important to note that I chose a colour that does not become transparent when wet. Moreover, I decided to wear a polyester undershirt for a better coverage.


The bottom is a 100% nylon bike short. Actually, I was unable to find a boarding short that fitted my needs in terms of lenght (covering the knee while standing) and beauty.

The biking short is equivalent to a normal swimsuit, but since it was made for biking, the company made it longer and added more pockets.

This situation is a good example where you have to be creative and resilient in order to accomplish the Word of God.
At night, I went to the bus station and waiting for a while. Then the Spirit told me to go wait at the bus platform and to talk with the guy sitting there.

I asked him his name and he told me it was Paul.
I replied by saying that it is like Paul the Apostle.

Afterwards, he told me that his real name is Wong but that he wants to be like Paul the Apostle. He explained that he was going in a church in his country, but that he was looking for the Truth. He also said that meeting me was a sign from God.

I was very grateful that God brought this man on my way.
The Most-High needs more sons and daughters and I pray that this man will become one of them by renouncing to sin.

On the 9th, I took the bus heading to Basel, Switzerland,  to meet Suzanne, the lady I told you about in this article: Journey Of Faith: Europe 2017

Thank you Jesus !





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