A Week Of Blessings In Basel



On the 10th of June, I arrived in Basel, Switzerland.

I was hosted by Suzanne, the Swiss lady I told you about in this article: Journey Of Faith: Europe 2017.

Staying at her place was a great blessing since the prices are very high in Switzerland. It was also great to meet her again.

She lives in the countryside of Basel which makes her house a quiet and beautiful place to live in.

She told me that in the past years, in June, the weather was bad. Surprisingly, the week I arrived is the week where the sky started to be clear and the sun to shine.

The next day after my arrival, she offered me to go to Mount Titlis, which is a peak higher than 3000 meters in the Alps.

It was a great day since there was no cloud around the mountains. We could see far away the nice landscape of Switzerland.

The day after, she said that she had been trying to build a fence on her terrace for fourteen years, but that there was always an obstacle on her way. Nevertheless, she had the material to make the fence, so I offered her my help. Moreover, I emptied heavy pots of old trees that she wanted to get rid of.

It was a long and a difficult work, but afterwards she said that my help was a miracle.

20170613_142809 copie.jpg


The day after, I realized how exhausted I was from my pilgrimage, so I said to Suzanne that I would rest for a couple of days.

It gave me time to recharge my inner batteries, think about the rest of my pilgrimage and enjoy the great food that she made for me.

In fact, she was always looking forward to give me what I needed.
I am very grateful for it.

Here are examples of the tasty food she gave me:




Moreover, she gave me my favourite chocolate brand Toblerone, without knowing it. She also gave me Lindt and Cailler chocolate tablets that I enjoyed as well.


We had time to talk about Jesus and the Bible. I was happy when she said that she believes in Christ and that it is possible to live without sin.

At the end of the week, Suzanne told me that her legs were hurting very badly.
I offered to pray for her in the name of Jesus-Christ and she accepted.

Few minutes after, her body became very relaxed and the pain almost disappeared completely. She said that the pain that was all over her legs was now only on one knee. Two days later, she told me that her legs were fine.

Overall, I give the glory to God to have given me the chance to help a kind lady and also to be blessed throughout the week.

I now have to take the bus for Venice, Italy.

Hallelujah !



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