How The Spirit Ended My Pilgrimage


Finally, here is the conclusion of my Journey of Faith: Europe 2017.

I arrived in Venice, Italy on June 19th.

I had planned to continue my pilgrimage.
I was also reflecting on my next destination after Venice.  I was trying to decide whether I would go to Vienna, Austria before going to Budapest, Hungary.

In a glimpse of an eye, the Spirit of God told me to stop my pilgrimage, take care of my Russian visa demand and go directly to Hungary to pick it up. (Hungary was the country where I told the organizers of the RANEPA Summer Campus to send the Russian visa invitation.)

I felt that I had enough time to go to Vienna and then to Budapest, but I obeyed the command of the Spirit. So I immediatly booked a flight.

Still in Venice, I decided to go to a beach that someone told me was empty and very pretty. As a son of God, it would not be right to go on a crowdy beach where the people are pretty much naked.

As you can see, I was facing an almost desert beach while trying off my new bathing suit.



Once in Budapest, on June 22, I still felt that I had enough time to ask for the visa before going to Russia on the 1 of July.

Again, the Spirit urged me to go to the visa office to have the papers done.

At first, the lady said that it was impossible for me to have the Russian visa because of a special Hungarian rule for non-European citizens. Plus, she said that for Canadians the visa takes normally a minimum 10 working days to be delivered.

Honestly, I was shocked. Then, I explained that I had an invitation from the Russian government and that they could probably make an exception.

The lady answered that she would verify with the Russian embassy on the next day. She still warned me that it was not sure that the answer would be positive.

The next day, on Friday, the 23 of June, I went to the visa office, to have my answer.

With a little smile the lady said that I would have my Russian visa on the 30th of June, which was 6 working days later and the perfect timing for me to arrive on time to the Summer Campus.

God made a way.
This experience clearly showed me that when you listen to the Spirit of God, it is always for the better.

If I had done what I wanted to do (go to Vienna), I would have had considerable delays, frustration and probably arrive late to the Campus.

Thank you Jesus that we now have the Holy Spirit to teach us all things. (John 14:26)

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